The Porto Cello Festival had its 1st edition on May of 2022 and will have its 2nd edition from 18th to 26th of May 2024. The festival present not only many musical offerings from all corners of the world, but a whole cultural interaction with our country and especially with the city of Porto. This festival aims to bring to these two cities moments of culture, community dynamism and knowledge in which the cello is the main protagonist. Thinking of the city as a whole, combining music with history, dance, painting, yoga, gastronomy and tourism, creating interest for a wider public. The musical currents and the type of activities included in the festival are vast, covering a larger number of age groups and musical tastes, which makes the Porto Cello Festival a space directed towards community and inclusive living.



The Porto Cello Festival team welcomes you and wishes with all the enthusiasm and satisfaction to involve you in this community!

As cellists, the thought and creation of the festival was made around a great goal: to gather artists and public in the cities of Porto and Matosinhos during 4 days of programming, in an artistic itinerary, thought for all, with moments of conviviality and sharing, concerts, masterclasses, activities-day and many surprises!

It’s been a long journey, but here we are in the preparation of the 2nd edition of Porto Cello Festival and we are very happy to have you join us on this journey through the cultural and artistic life of the world! These moments connect us, challenge us to discover different paths and make us take the journey ever further!

With a big hug, 
Teresa e Tiago,