Parallel missions


Parallel missions

The festival aims to use the stages of the city of Porto and Matosinhos to share different causes related to social inclusion and environmental sustainability through partnerships with CIIMAR: Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research and Sorrisos d’Arte, thus promoting a more sustainable attitude with concern for both social and environmental problems. 



Sorrisos d’Arte

The partnership with Sorrisos d’Arte, an association that has been having a regular activity and already has several presentations throughout the country, provides us with the necessary tools to perform in places such as retirement homes, cancer centres and other institutions of the same nature. In this way, Sorrisos d’Arte will take the artists of the Porto Cello Festival to energize the spaces of its beneficiaries.


Parallel missions

The Porto Cello Festival also presents a mission towards environmental sustainability and a more attentive care for our planet. This is a component that is under construction, but through sensitization and awareness to this issue, the goal is to show how we can make a difference through small gestures and the change of small habits that will reduce our waste and lead us to a more ecological life. Present ideas, practical solutions and different habits for a more sustainable life and for the change in our daily lives to be significant and environmentally friendly for an improvement of the environmental footprint. This is a path towards obtaining future zero waste editions always focused on change and constant updating.

At Porto Cello Festival

  • Use of QRCode and official festival website so that we can minimise the use of paper as much as possible; 

  • Promotion of litter picking at Matosinhos beach;

  • Promotion of sustainable picnic;

  • Suggestion of sustainable and bulk shops;

  • Mobility mostly through public transport and bicycle for easy and sustainable displacement;

  • Existence of festival points where clothes and other goods that are no longer needed at home are deposited and later given to institutions;

  • Existence of the festival’s own space where there is the exchange or sale of sheet music, books and second-hand clothes (for example, concert clothes);

  • Provision of ideas, practical solutions and different habits for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly life.

As said before, the Sustainability component present in Porto Cello Festival is under construction and all ideas are welcome! Leave your suggestion here!

“If culture is the best expression of humanity, then naturally it must participate in this effort of change and awareness.”, from Sobressalto – The project of the Generator and the ZERO Association that unites culture and the environment – in Brief introduction to good environmental practices for the cultural community


Bring your cause to Porto Cello Festival!

Share it with us here so we can spread the word and, who knows, develop and create it together!