Barlovento Sur


Latin American folk music


Chilean and Argentinian culture

Barlovento Sur is a Chilean-Swiss group dedicated to creating and performing Latin American folk music. Their music is essentially inspired by Chilean and Argentinian culture, and their repertoire includes traditional rhythms such as cueca, zamba and chacarera.

The group was formed in 2015 in Chile by Josefa Silva Ibarra (vocals and bass drum) and Jorge Pacheco Escobar (vocals and guitar) and has performed in several major Latin capitals (Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo). In September 2016, he moved to Geneva and joined violinist Paloma Martin. Since then, they have performed many times in various European venues (France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany).

Barlovento Sur recorded their first album in 2016, ‘El siglo se vuelvo azul‘, and won a Chilean government fund for culture in January 2018 to finance their second album, ‘Raíces bravas‘, released in May 2019.



Luisina Rábago

Luisina is an Argentine violinist born in Mar del Plata. In 2018, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in music performance from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in England, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the Haute École de Musique in Geneva. Throughout her classical training, Luisina has maintained a very intimate link with Latin American music, Argentine rock and tango, collaborating in various formations.

Josefa Silva Ibarra

Josefa Silva is a singer, pianist, percussionist and composer born in Santiago, Chile. In 2013, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in music composition from the Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile). After obtaining a Master’s degree in piano (chamber music) in 2018 at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, she continued her studies at the same institution, completing a second Master’s degree in Music Pedagogy. Her love of musical and cultural diversity currently leads her to perform as a chamber pianist or soloist for classical music, while composing, singing and playing percussion in the group Barlovento Sur.

Jorge Pacheco

Jorge Pacheco is a Chilean composer, guitarist and singer, dedicated to Latin American folklore as well as jazz, rock and theatrical music. As a guitarist, he trained in jazz and popular styles with Jorge Díaz and Sergio Valdeos after completing his studies in Musical Composition at the Universidad Católica de Chile (2011). He has also worked as a composer and musical performer with the theatre company Colectivo Obras Públicas. Jorge currently performs in various groups including “Barlovento Sur” and “Al toque mestizo”, among others.