Cello Express

Trio Üryan - Colors of Anatolia

Common Ground, Different Paths

Üryan (‘naked’ or ‘bare’ in Turkish) is the result of a meeting of three musicians with different musical backgrounds who together create a particular sound based on musical traditions from regions ranging from the Balkans to the Caucasus, with both arrangements and original works. Together on stage, they share their fascination for music in an intimate register.

Anatolia, a land where the sun rises from the east, an ancient ground of diverse traditions, flavours and colours, is the musical stage of Üryan. The three musicians of Üryan met in Lisbon, connected through a common passion for the music of this region. Coming from different cultural and musical backgrounds, the musicians explore new ways of entering into dialogue with their instruments, which each have a different performance history. Together, they create new arrangements and create space for creativity and improvisation in their performances. The songs presented in this programme share a sense of spirituality and of the fun side of life. Life and depth enter into dialogue in perfect harmony with “the laws of vibration and rhythm”.



Sun 22 Maio 12:00
Casa das Artes


Raquel Reis, cello
Gulami Yesildal, saz and voice
Tiago Santos, percussion



Huma Kusu, Erzurum-Turkey, traditional hymn – Aydar
Havun Havun, Arménia, Gregor Narekatsy (10th century)
Pir, Turkey-Iraq, Sufi song
Krunk, Armenia, Komitas (1869-1935)
Es gisher, Armenia, Folk Dance
Mom Bar, Armenia, Folk song, candle dance
Darhejîrokê şarkı sözleri ile – kurdish song