Concerto Cello Express: La Mer: Cello Express Ensemble

19:30 Embarque na Ribeira do Porto no barco da Douro Acima

20:00 Partida da Ribeira do Porto no barco da Douro Acima para a Alfândega do Porto com porto d’honra e donas amélias a bordo do barco

21:00 Salão Nobre, Alfândega do Porto Concerto Cello Express: La Mer, Cello Express Ensemble (12 violoncelos), com direção de Luís Carvalho


In a country whose largest border is demarcated by the Atlantic Ocean, the presence and influence of water as an essential element of our daily lives is indisputable. In this sense, the choice of venue and the works to be performed are designed to allow listeners to immerse themselves in an ocean of dreams and impressions of salt and sea. The main theme of this concert is the oceans and the consequences of climate change on their environment, and it features a musical performance by the Cello Express Ensemble. The programme includes a new arrangement of C. Debussy’s La Mer for twelve cellos, commissioned by the Porto Cello Festival to be premiered at its 2nd edition, and original compositions for twelve and four cellos by J. Klengel and A. Tansman.


Cello Express Ensemble / 12 cellists:

Bernardo Nabais, Elide Sulsenti, Inês Paiva, Jed Barahal, João Valpaços, Luís Cruz, Pedro Fernandes,
Pedro Massarrão, Teresa Soares, João Tiago Cunha, Tiago Anjinho e Tiago Azevedo e Silva


Deux mouvements pour quatuor de violoncelles

GUSTAV MAHLER (1860 – 1911)
Sinfonia n.º 5, em Dó sustenido menor

  1. Adagietto: Sehr langsam (Muito lento)

CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918)
La Mer, arranjo para 12 violoncelos por Luís Carvalho