Dialogues with the Cello

Dialogues with Whales, cello and electronics

Communication between animals of the same species has always been one of their most distinctive characteristics. The human being is, to this day, one of the species that most developed communication, creating numerous linguistic traditions and even a language that unites us all on a global scale: music. Going further, studying animal behavior, there are also many different and fascinating forms of communication between different species, whose patterns allow us to draw conclusions about their meaning. Scheduled for the International Day of Biodiversity is a dialogue between the cello and the whale, a magnificent animal that is as colossal as it is majestic. Those present will have the pleasure of witnessing an unprecedented contact between the sounds of the ocean depths and the singing of the cello.


(with ticket reservation via email geral@portocellofestival.com)

Sun 22 Maio 10:00
Galeria da
Biodiversidade – Centro Ciência Viva


Sujari Britt, cello