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Dialogues with the Cello:

Painting and Cello

Homage to cellist Paulo Gaio Lima

The concert of the ensemble of cellos from the various universities in the country will pay tribute to the beloved professor and cellist Paulo Gaio Lima, inspiration for countless generations of musicians and a pioneer in the creation of a motivated, united community prepared to welcome the youngest. 

A concert that will bring together new emerging artists who propose to find a common language between two artistic strands – music and painting – in a moment of performance, where the two worlds touch. It will be a symbiosis between listening and observing gesture, colour and texture, but also harmony, dynamics, rhythm and melody. This concert will include the performance of different ensembles of cellos and real time painting, one art complementing the other, in a unique moment of multidisciplinary interaction. 

How does a painter imagine the harmony of music? What colour is reflected in the painting? How do you translate a musical phrase onto a canvas? 

And what will be the best tool to paint a melody? A bow, or a brush? 

Fri 20 May 15:30
Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis


Cellos Ensembles from ESMAE, ESART and ESML

Alexandra Barroso and Iara Magalhães, Finalist students of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto