Cello Express: Forró e Violoncelo AND WORKSHOP WITH DOIS PRA CÁ

Lira Trio

Register for the Forró Workshop – Dois Pra Cá here: https://forms.gle/YikKL2g3anjnae6J8


Made up of Lauro Lira on cello, Marcelo Castilha on accordion/voice and Carlos César on percussion, this trio promises a night full of energy and great music!

With carefully crafted arrangements, the Lira Trio brings a new take on the great forró classics, while maintaining the essence and authenticity of the original compositions.

Their repertoire includes the greatest hits of the era. From Luiz Gonzaga to Dominguinhos, including masters such as Jackson do Pandeiro and Sivuca, the Lira Trio brings out the songs that rocked generations and still enchant the hearts of forró enthusiasts.

Entrance by conscious donation.

Café-Concerto Francisco Beja
Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo


Lauro Lira, cello
Marcelo Castilha, accordion and voice
Carlos Cesar, percussion