Pirii Pimentel Rodrigues



Pirii Pimentel Rodrigues is an artist born on the shores of Caparica, whose musical journey began in Lisbon. From an early age, she was enveloped by a
artistic palette combining music, dance, singing and theatre. However, it was initially with the cello that she found her way of expressing her world to others. She is the founder of various projects such as ONO Trio, Duo_tus, The Crumbles Ensemble and duo NOZ.

In search of new musical experiences and to broaden her artistic and personal horizons, she moved to Germany in 2017 to pursue her higher studies. She completed her degree in Music with both Orchestra and Pedagogy profiles at the renowned HFMT Cologne. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Contemporary Music Performance and Improvisation at HSLU Music in Lucerne.

As a cellist and artist, her goal goes beyond simply performing music. She seeks to convey her artistic world in a way that resonates in the hearts of listeners and spectators. In sharing her art with the world through contemporary music and improvisation, she seeks out new sounds, techniques and different ways of performing on stage.

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