Pirii Pimentel Rodrigues




Pirii was born in 1998 on the shores of the Caparica sea and grew up as an artist in  Lisbon.  

She finished in September her Bachelor of Music (Orchestra and Pedagogy profiles) at  HFMT Köln with Professor Susanne Müller-Hornbach. Being in contact with the artistic  world of central Europe sparked her interest in improvisation, contemporary music and  performance.  

She began her musical career at EAMCN at 6 years old, taking lessons with Maria José  Falcão and Luis André Ferreira. She participated in masterclasses with H. Krigh, G.  Schwabe, M. Schucan, among others. She has been part of several youth orchestras and  awarded prizes in several chamber music competitions. In addition to the music world, she  also practiced dance, theater, singing and music therapy.  

Currently she’s attending a Masters in Interpretation in Contemporary Music and  Improvisation with Erik Borgir and Charlotte Hug at Hochschule Luzern-Musik. She is also  one of the members of the cello trio “Ono Trio” which she founded in 2019. 

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