Cellist and ⅛ Cellos Teacher

Began his musical studies at Escola de Música Nossa Senhora do Cabo, in Linda-a-Velha, where he had Catarina Anacleto and Andrzej Michalczyk as his teachers.

He continued his apprenticeship with Luís Sá Pessoa at the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional and was later admitted to the Zwolle Conservatory (Netherlands), in the class of Jeroen Reuling. 

He joined the Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil (Youth Symphony Orchestra) in 1998, where he was the section leader and performed regularly as a soloist. 

He attended numerous masterclasses and courses, guided by renowned artists such as Ivan Monigheti, Márcio Carneiro, Gary Hoffman, Elias Arizcuren, Xavier Philips, Peter Bruns, Xavier Gagnepain, Paulo Gaio Lima, Jaap Kruitoff, Jeroen Reuling, Francois Guye, Levon Mouradian and Michael Bochmann. 

As a chamber musician, he was the cellist of the String Quartet “São Roque”.

He is the cellist and founding member of João Roiz Ensemble in Castelo Branco, with . 

As an orchestra musician, he collaborated with several national orchestras such as the Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa, Orquestra Metropolitana, Sinfonia B and Sinfonietta de Lisboa, under the direction of Julia Jones, Peter Rundel, Joana Carneiro, César Viana and Vasco Pearce de Azevedo. 

In 2008, he began his apprenticeship training as a Suzuki Method Teacher in Chicago with Tanya Carey, a prestigious North American teacher and cellist. He is a member of the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas). 

In 2009, he concluded the Bachelor’s Degree in Cello at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, in the class of Professor Clélia Vital. In 2015 he completed the Master’s Degree in Music Pedagogy at Metropolitana / Universidade Lusíada under the guidance of Professor Paulo Gaio Lima. 

While teaching, he was the head of the Suzuki Method for Cello program at the Conservatório Metropolitano de Lisboa, and also taught at the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional. He has been teaching at Academia de Música de Lisboa since the beginning of the 2011/2012 academic year, and at Escola de Música Nossa Senhora do Cabo.

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