Diálogos com o Violoncelo

Dialogues with the Cello


Duet of free improvisation between music and dance in which listening, the presence and nuances of sound are the starting point. It is an encounter between two women artists: a dancer and a cellist. An encounter between Mariana and Raquel.

The Baroque, the instrument’s lifetime, the lifetime of the bodies, the melodies that appear and disappear, the silences, the pauses, the accents, the temperature, the colours, the wood, all this and much more, can be the subject of this duet.  During about 40 minutes, this encounter may enter the performers’ imagination, bringing to communication and sharing, a sensibility to the movement of sound that becomes body, that affects and allows itself to be affected.  It is a work that happens in the while, in the present moment where we can guess that the bodies let themselves be bent, undulated, swayed. Between inclinations, arches and curves, we can follow a unique conversation between the bodies of these women. It is not a game of questions and answers, but rather a game that takes place in layers. They are poetic and free relationships between the research, life and work experience of each one. It is possibly about subterranean contents, audacity displacements, new combinations and re-significations.

Sat 21 Maio 10:00
Receção do Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões


Raquel Reis, cello
Mariana Lemos, dancer