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Born in Kosovo, Mrika Sefa moved to Switzerland at the age of seventeen, where she completed the BA and MA degree at Musik-Akademie der Stadt

Basel, Hochschule der Künste Bern and Hochschule für Musik Luzern. Her teachers included Konstantin Lifschitz, Patricia Pagny, László Gyimesi and Tobias Schabenberger. She was a scholarship holder at B.O.G. – Basler Orchester- Gesellschaft and atDta Stiftung. Prior to this, she studied with Vlora Baruti and Misbah Kaçamaku at the Music Conservatory in Pristina (Kosovo). 

In 2016 she moved to Porto (Portugal), where, simultaneously to the lessons with Prof. Miguel Borges Coelho, she founded INSIMUL, a series of chamber music concerts, held at Casa das Artes

Mrika has received impactful tuition from other eminent artists, such as: Maria João Pires, Lilit Grygoryan, Ronald Brautigam, Claudio Martinez Mehner, Marta Zabaleta, Wolfgang Rihm, Anton Kernjak, Marc Coppey, Christophe Coin, Maria de Macedo, Paulo Gaio Lima, Emmanuelle Bertrand, Caspar Frantz, Pierre Sublet, Eduardo Torbianelli, Afonso Fesch, Ina Dimitrova, Ulrich Fussenegger, Christian Giger, among others. 

In 2015, Mrika won first prize at the YAMAHA Piano Competition, in Bern (Switzerland), and in 2013 the second prize at Concours Musical de France, in Paris (France). 

An avid chamber musician, among others, Mrika regularly collaborates with the cellist Hugo Paiva, with whom she founded Duo Litanei, in 2018. The duo currently studies for chamber music at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy”, in Leipzig.


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