Executive and Artistic Director of Porto Cello Festival


Cellist at cello express ensemble and kaleidoscope quartet

Teresa Soares, who is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Music and Artistic Performance at the Hochschule Luzern – Musik with a focus on creating performance projects with a multidisciplinary approach, combines her work as a cellist and cello teacher with cultural programming and management. She is the executive and artistic director of the Porto Cello Festival together with cellist Tiago Azevedo e Silva and a founding member of the Cello Express Ensemble and the Kaleidoscope Quartet, a project she founded in an approach between music and light. She has performed in various chamber music ensembles and orchestras in Portugal and abroad, where she has worked with conductors of national and international renown. With two master’s degrees in Artistic Interpretation and Music Teaching, in which her main research topic was the importance of participation in cello festivals in musical and cultural development, she has a strong interest in the creation and development of artistic and cultural projects, hence the formation of the Inovarte Cultural Association. She has been selected to perform with the Casa da Música Remix Ensemble, the Gulbenkian Internship for Orchestra and the ESTA String Orchestra, and has taken part in courses and festivals such as Expansion Course 2018, Cellofest.fi in Finland and MusicWithMasters in Italy. Recently she has been creating and integrating multidisciplinary projects such as William Shakespeare’s play “Night of Kings”, a project with the National Ballet Company and the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra, “Dialogue with whales, cello and electronics” and “Journey’s lenses”, a solo creation project combining music, painting, movement and audio compositions of real sounds.

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