Executive and Artistic Director of Porto Cello Festival


Cellist at Porto Cello Festival Ensemble


Teresa Soares, combines her activity as cellist with cultural production and management. She is artistic director of the Porto Cello Festival, the 1st cello festival to take place in Porto and Matosinhos in May 2022, and has been performing in various chamber music groups and orchestras in Portugal and abroad. He is part of Quarteto Caleidoscópio, a project he founded in an approach between music and light, and now presents “Vórtice (para o fim de um tempo)”, which had its premiere at Casa da Música. With a master’s degree in cello and finishing her Master’s in Music Teaching, she has a strong interest in producing concerts and artistic-cultural projects, hence her work as an agent and producer at Artway and Artway Showcase, which aims to promote, launch and agency young Portuguese artists in the artistic and cultural environment. She has already participated in cello and chamber music masterclasses with prestigious teachers from the national and international scene, and was selected for the Summer Academy of the Remix Ensemble Casa da Música, the Gulbenkian Internship and the ESTA String Orchestra, having participated in the “Expansion Course 2018”. He recently participated in the “Cellofest.fi” festivals in Helsinki, Finland, and in “MusicWithMasters” in Pistoia, Italy. 

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